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Licensed Hotel, Holiday Accommodation, Long Term Rentals, Mekong River Cruises

weluvlaos.com Luang Prabang

Licensed Hotel, Holiday Accommodation, Long Term Rentals, Mekong River Cruises


09/08/22. Ten senior Buddhist Monks come for blessings & lunch

Anong's favourite trusted helper.

Fresh catch from the Mekong River.

Buddhist ceremony to bless house construction

Buddhist ceremony to bless house construction

Steel reinforcement for concrete posts

Anong doing her bit and having some fun.

Raised concrete slab poured.

Builders Anong & Brother Loung Sone

Twin bathrooms upstairs and storage block downstairs.

We have lots of help from "The Association"

Brother Loung Phet comes to visit, the construction site in the background.

Sister Anong, Brothers Loung Sone & Loung Phet

Brother Loung Sone is celebrated by the whole village at special ceremony after 3 weeks of non stop hard work

External Shower room, toilet & sink

From a simple sketch on a piece of paper to half completed building as seen below in just 5 weeks

Mekong Acreage (Sansouk)

Currently under construction at our 1Ha Mekong Acreage is this magnificent example of Lao skill and enginuity. A simple design yet solid and functional with beautiful rustic aesthetics. Built to a very high standard from hardwood, concrete, rendered brick & tiles.

The 120.Sqm building overlooks the acreage and river views, set to one side on the property among mature shade trees, purposefully left after the block was cleared.

Upstairs: Two 4x4m bedrooms two 3x1.5m bathrooms and a large sheltered 2.5x8m deck.

Downstairs: The ground floor is elevated with a large open plan outdoor kitchen & entertaining area. The fridge, freezer, pantry & shelves etc are kept inside the 4x4m brick room and a further storage room around the back for scooters & bikes. A 3rd bathroom and laundry is built near by for staff & guests.

As standard with our new builds the property has 3 phase power, concealed wiring and plumbing. Large water storage tank, hot water system and high preassure water pump.

There are future plans to build other dwellings here. This is a very exciting time, we look forward to enjoying this lovely big home and one day welcoming you to our secluded Mekong Acreage.

The main building is complete and move in ready while the finer details are finished off. We decided to create a bar area and 3x4m pool on the other side of the outdoor kitchen. The pool will be added a bit later.

Inside 4x4m Room Upstairs

Both 4x4m rooms have ceiling fan & AC.


Stairs to Mekong River lit up

Timber stain & oil

Stairs to river finished

Blessing House Ceremony






1:11 by car & 0.45 by boat, from LP City

Ground level floor plan

Design idea for Main Residence pool villa.